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Letter from Israel
David Frankfurter
Swedish sauna 
24th-Aug-2009 01:17 am
I am sure that you have been following the war of words between Sweden and Israel. A Swedish newspaper repeated rumor and innuendo that Israeli soldiers were harvesting organs from Palestinians. Sweden (which currently heads the EU) has refused to condemn this blood libel, confusing freedom of speech with hate speech. The Swedish Foreign Ministry even distanced itself from criticism of the article by its own Embassy staff in Israel.

Friend Gerald Steinberg argues that this is consistent with Sweden being a major sponsor of anti-Semitic NGOs which consistently defame Israel with lies, innuendo, propaganda and spin. Gerald expresses the hope that this furore will somehow teach the Swedes a lesson, and that they will stop this destructive funding.

Unfortunately, I am less optimistic. This blood libel is, in fact, consistent with Swedish government policy for over a decade.

In March of 2004, I highlighted reports from Swedish newspapers that showed that Sweden had, from 1997 to 2004, deliberately and consistently classified as secret their own reports that their donations to Arafat’s Palestinian Authority were being diverted to corruption and the creation of a police state. Why? So that they could continue to knowingly channel billions of crowns to Palestinian corruption and violence. Also hidden from view of the Parliament was tens of millions in donations to the Palestinian Negotiations Support Unit. An organization which had stopped negotiating and had become a pure Palestinian propaganda agency. Swedish politicians were “shocked” – but the money kept flowing.

Later that same year, Lisa Abramowicz and I published an article highlighting the fact that the Swedish government was funding a conference in Gothenburg aimed at finding ways to fund Palestinian terrorism.

For well over a decade, Sweden has deliberately and carefully looked for and found ways to secretly and openly fund the Palestinian propaganda and physical war against the Jews. And the Israeli government thinks that they can get the Swedes to change their ways with a bit of diplomatic pressure. They forget that the Swedes may live in a cold country, but they have proved that they can take the heat.
24th-Aug-2009 12:28 am (UTC) - Why should this surprise anyone?
Sweden was "Neutral" during the Second World War (or so they say) but they were supporting Hitler secretly. Like those days, the partners of the Nazis were the Muslim Brotherhood of which many of the leaders of the PA are still members. Sweden will always support those who wish to destroy modern civilization especially Jews.

Yassir Arafat was always welcomed in Sweden. His uncle, Haji al-Husseini while fleeing Germany when things were getting too hot and Hitler failed to keep his promise to convert to Islam, went into Sweden which hid him so that he can get into Iraq, and then enter Egypt.

Besides Abba - what good things have Sweden ever given the world? Nothing at all. Right now, the country is going through a period where the Muslims of the country are dominating akin to that of the Nazis in Europe. Native Swedish people do not have any rights, Sharia rules over all, girls are kidnapped, raped and forced to convert. Does it bother me? No. As the late Winston Churchill had stated - when he was asked to comment on his predecessor's job -- "When you appease the enemy, expect to receive the knife in the back from your enemy."

28th-Aug-2009 01:50 pm (UTC) - BBC World Service
Dear David, this is Hannah Wood from BBC World Service radio. I work on the World Have Your Say programme and today we are posing the question, 'Should a country be held responsible for the actions of its press?' - in light of the Israel/Sweden situation you've blogged on. It's a global discussion programme but today we are looking for a good Israeli blogger to put across his/her opinions. So I'm wondering whether you would be interested. Let me know via email: hannah.wood@kcl.ac.uk.
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