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UNIFIL complicit in Lebanese ambush?

The best summary I have seen so far of the northern border incident, is by friend Richard Landes, writing at Pajamas Media. (Click on the link below to read it.)


Israeli Officers Ambushed on Northern Border

Tuesday, August 3rd, 2010 - by Richard Landes

An Israeli soldier was killed, and another wounded, by Lebanese army forces in an apparently pre-planned provocation.

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Most baffling, and as yet unanswered in military briefings or media coverage is the role of UNIFIL in all of this.  UNIFIL has confirmed that the Israeli activity was coordinated with them, that the Lebanese army was aware of the activity, that the IDF was within Israeli territory: there was no reason for the Lebanese to open fire.  So from here the questions abound.


It is clear from the photographs and videos issued by international news agencies very quickly after the clash that the incident was prepared for and staged. Photographs and footage was prepared to be sent out within minutes - long before the truth surfaced - leaving an indelible media impression. It is also clear from the photographs that as the scene unfolds, until seconds before the actual firing takes place, the UNIFIL forces were relaxed and at ease with the snipers and RPG gunners taking careful aim at the Israelis.  Then something strange happens.  A video shown on Israeli TV, taken and directly translated to Hebrew from first footage gives the Lebanese version.  From about 5 seconds into the video, UNIFIL  soldiers start waving and shouting at the Israelis to “stop”, “stop everything”, “get down”  and “go back”. Were they staging a show for the cameras?  Given that UNIFIL knew that the IDF was in Israeli territory and that there was no reason for the Lebanese to fire, why did they shout at the Israelis to stop?  Wouldn’t it have been their job to uphold UN resolutions and tell the Lebanese to hold their fire? 


So once again, we seem to have UN complicity in an attempt to blacken Israel.  UNRWA, UNIFIL, the UNHRA, the Goldstone report, the list goes on.  Every opportunity and every agency of the UN is complicit in the delegitimization of Israel.  One has to wonder whether, in this environment, Israeli Prime Minister Netanyahu will reconsider cooperating with the proposed UN inquiry into the flotilla incident.



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