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Voluntary Palestinian unemployment - on the European dole (again)

After decades of milking the European public to fund a corrupt and violent Palestinian regime, while deliberately keeping the average Palestinian in poverty, the cycle has started again.
With the Palestinians supposedly " proximal"  to the peace table, Abbas has decided to ignore his responsibilities to peace, to his own people and to wise fiscal management.  He has also decided to ignore the dire situation of the taxpaying public of his European sponsors - and sidestep the fact that whenever under Israeli " occupation"  the Palestinian areas have grown economically, and whenever under Palestinian "resistance"  they have declined.
Abbas has declared "voluntary"  (under pain of traditional Palestinian punishments)  unemployment for the 20,000 or so Palestistians gainfully employed in industries in Israeli communities- at a self estimated cost of $50m which he assumes/demands will be paid for by the European taxpayer.
I would have thought that Europe has enough unemployment problems, without taking on new voluntary or political unemployed.
I would also have thought that the Americans would consider this as deliberate sabotage of the so-called "proximity" peace talks. 
I would have also thought that after various "goodwill gestures" by the Israelis at Palestinian and US insistence, the Israeli negotiating team must be wondering if they are just wasting their time - and have once again  been tricked by a duplicitous Palestinian leadership.

David Frankfurter

Would he arrive in Saudi Arabia on a Muslim holiday?

The Hebrew press this morning (Yediot Aharanot) reported that the UN Secretary General was deeply offended that there was no official reception other than a security detail when he arrived in Israel on Friday night. 

What Chutzpah! 

He arrives in the Jewish State on Shabbat & expects us to break our religious codes to greet him.  According to the UN, it is deeply offensive for us to practice our religion.  No surprise that we aren't allowed to defend ourselves against murderers.

David Frankfurter


I have received a number of letters lately asking about progress in negotiations with the Palestinians – for peace, for settlements, to stop the rockets out of Gaza, for blockades, for recognition, for compensation for Jewish refugees from Arab lands, for resettling Palestinian refugees, for the release of Gilad Shalit.

I think that my approach to that last one (Gilad Shalit) sums up them all.

In my letter Calling the bluff of around a year ago, I advocated severely curtailing specific rights of Palestinian prisoners until our missing soldiers received their rights under international law. Would it work – at least to allow Red Cross access to Gilad Shalit? Consider the following:

On August 25, a few days before Gilad Shalit’s birthday, Israel stopped Palestinian prisoners’ visiting rights. Palestinian Ma’an News Agency reported on the measures, together with accusations that Israel was acting illegally and bending to extremist pressure.

The very same day, a Hamas delegation left for Egypt to meet with a German negotiator to try to make progress on the negotiations for Shalit’s release and Hamas “affiliates” claimed that a deal was days away.

Palestinian prisoners’ rights were immediately restored, and now we hear from Hamas that a deal is “still a long way off”.

Frankly, I am sick of hearing that Israel, after making so much effort and taking so much risk to behave in both an ethical and legal manner, has committed “war crimes”, has acted “disproportionately” or is in breach of some fancifully contorted “international law”, especially redefined to strip Israel of the right and obligation to protect its citizens.

I believe that in every field of our dealings with the Palestinians, the time has come to apply only one buzzword: “reciprocity”. The definition from Wikipedia will do for me:

In international relations and treaties, the principle of reciprocity states that favours, benefits, or penalties that are granted by one state to the citizens or legal entities of another, should be returned in kind.

David Frankfurter

Swedish sauna

I am sure that you have been following the war of words between Sweden and Israel. A Swedish newspaper repeated rumor and innuendo that Israeli soldiers were harvesting organs from Palestinians. Sweden (which currently heads the EU) has refused to condemn this blood libel, confusing freedom of speech with hate speech. The Swedish Foreign Ministry even distanced itself from criticism of the article by its own Embassy staff in Israel.

Friend Gerald Steinberg argues that this is consistent with Sweden being a major sponsor of anti-Semitic NGOs which consistently defame Israel with lies, innuendo, propaganda and spin. Gerald expresses the hope that this furore will somehow teach the Swedes a lesson, and that they will stop this destructive funding.

Unfortunately, I am less optimistic. This blood libel is, in fact, consistent with Swedish government policy for over a decade.

In March of 2004, I highlighted reports from Swedish newspapers that showed that Sweden had, from 1997 to 2004, deliberately and consistently classified as secret their own reports that their donations to Arafat’s Palestinian Authority were being diverted to corruption and the creation of a police state. Why? So that they could continue to knowingly channel billions of crowns to Palestinian corruption and violence. Also hidden from view of the Parliament was tens of millions in donations to the Palestinian Negotiations Support Unit. An organization which had stopped negotiating and had become a pure Palestinian propaganda agency. Swedish politicians were “shocked” – but the money kept flowing.

Later that same year, Lisa Abramowicz and I published an article highlighting the fact that the Swedish government was funding a conference in Gothenburg aimed at finding ways to fund Palestinian terrorism.

For well over a decade, Sweden has deliberately and carefully looked for and found ways to secretly and openly fund the Palestinian propaganda and physical war against the Jews. And the Israeli government thinks that they can get the Swedes to change their ways with a bit of diplomatic pressure. They forget that the Swedes may live in a cold country, but they have proved that they can take the heat.
David Frankfurter

Capital J

Lots of electrons have been spinning the internet recently scrutinizing the website and email correspondence of the US Consulate in Jerusalem, which provides services to US citizens living in Jerusalem and the West Bank and represents the US to Arabs in those areas and to the Palestinian Authority.

The Jerusalem Consulate was established in 1844. It’s role really changed from servicing to the whole region to a more narrow focus when the US Embassy to Israel was set up in Tel Aviv. Aside from historical reasons for its location, Jerusalem has provided better security and access for staff and "customers" than many alternative places one can think of. Many of the emails that I have received ascribe more sinister reasons for the Consulate not being in Ramallah, pointing to recent changes to the website as “proving” that the US is tacitly recognizing Jerusalem as the capital of “Palestine”.

In 1995, both houses of Congress passed a law instructing the US Embassy be moved from Tel Aviv to Jerusalem. Subsequent US Presidents have cited "national security" to defer the move. The Obama administration uses every opportunity to emphasize commitment to a two State solution. It is time for the US to demonstrate commitment to the Jewish State in that solution.  The US Embassy should be in Israel’s capital - Jerusalem.
David Frankfurter

Can I really help Israel's PR? Read to the end!

The Media often publish and syndicate stories regarding the Middle East which present the Palestinian narrative unchallenged by basic tests of reasonableness and without even considering the Israeli perspective. This “news” is then reproduced almost verbatim by thousands of local, national and international newspapers, radio and television outlets. Complaints of bias are met with a total lack of understanding – after all, these were just reprints of syndicated stories from “reputable” media sources.

Additionally, abuses of the terms “war crimes” and “international law” are unquestioningly quoted and repeated, without any reference to what really happened on the ground, Israel’s right and obligation to protect its citizens from the genuine war crimes perpetrated by the Palestinian terrorist regime in Gaza.

How will the UN investigation headed by Justice Goldstone be treated? It is about to issue its report, which could well lead to legal action against Israel in international courts. The frame of reference of the commission was tainted and biased from the outset, assuming that Israel had committed war crimes and that the Palestinians had not – or if they did, then they were not really worthy of attention. One member of the commission publicly admitted that she had already found Israel guilty before the commission even began, and before a single witness had been called.

It is no wonder that in this environment, Israel refused to give legitimacy to the commission by co-operating with or appearing before it.

Nevertheless, good friend Maurice Ostroff made sure that a great deal of publicly available material which supported Israel’s case was put to the commission. (You can see it at his website, together with a summary questioning the impartiality of the commission.) Gilad’s father, Noam Shalit, also testified as a private citizen. Of course, given the predisposition of the panel to find Israel guilty, it is not clear how much weight will be given to this evidence.

What is needed are facts in anticipation of this report, which will also answer the many NGO “reports” which have simply taken the Palestinian narrative as absolute truth, with no proper investigation, evidence, or consideration of the right and obligation of Israel to defend its citizens. Facts that also show that Israel is a democratic state of law, and if individual soldiers acted against Israeli or international law, that they will be duly answerable.

Most unusually, the Israeli Ministry of Foreign Affairs has issued a detailed, 164 page report analyzing just these questions. And so that the press could not claim “too long” or “too complex”, the MFA held a pro-active press briefing this week, where it presented the report to the foreign media and answered questions. Unfortunately, it would be naïve to think that the syndicated media (who have proved themselves to be no friends of Israel over the years) will use this material in a manner that will give Israel’s positions a fair reflection.

Can anything be done? And if so by whom? I am not sure you will like my answers here.

YES something can be done; by YOU.

Write to the international media, and especially your local media now. Tell them that you are disappointed in the way that they have treated the topic in the past. Tell them that before they report on the Goldstone commission, you wanted to make sure that they had all the facts in hand so that they could make proper editorial decisions. Send them the above links and information so that they can do the research and balance their reports. Let them know that the public is watching, and after the reports are published, let them know how they went.
David Frankfurter

Stolen Land

I agree with the EU funded, anti-Israel organization MIFTAH.

NGO-monitor reveals that MIFTAH fabricates evidence against Israel. They are “a political lobbying group which … despite claiming to be non-partisan, … is extremely politicized, uses Durban strategy rhetoric, characterizes terrorists as "activists" and "freedom fighters," and promotes political campaigns.”

So how can I agree with them?

They say that “
Mideast Peace Can’t Be Built on Stolen Land”.

So with all the racist hoo-hah trying to stop Jews from building on legitimately purchased land in our own capital, let me ask MIFTAH to please start campaigning for the return of ALL the stolen lands over the 1967 armistice lines – starting with Jerusalem and its surrounds.

For example the Palestinian “refugee camp” of Qalandiya, stolen from its legitimate Jewish owners by none other than the venerable UN. Or the other hundreds and hundreds of acres in Jerusalem specifically earmarked for Jewish settlement at the time of its legal and legitimate purchase from its original owners by the Jewish National Fund, permanently usurped by Jordan when they invaded Israel, now closely built with illegal Arab-occupied structures.
Read about it here.

Maybe the first “illegal settlement” that the IDF should be called to evacuate is the one first built – the UNRWA office in Qalandiya.
David Frankfurter

Theater of the absurd

Four items caught my attention in today’s newsbag:

1. Palestinian President Mahmoud Abbas (a.k.a. the terrorist Abu Mazen) accused Israel of trying to “Judaicize” East Jerusalem. Excuse me! Why is it that the PA controlled Waqf won’t let Jews even move their lips in case they might pray at the edge of the Temple Mount? Exactly who is trying to push their religion and wipe out someone else’s? In which cities in the world is it illegal for the adherents of a particular religion to purchase land or live? Friends, the answer is not Israel. I believe that it is only the Arab world (including the Palestinian Authority) that is allowed to practice such racist apartheid practices.

2. And pushing this Palestinian racism with even the most absurd of arguments is the British consulate, which doesn’t seem to have shed its anti-Semitic and pro-Arab tendencies from the days of the British Mandate over Palestine. In objecting to a Jewish owned hotel venture in East Jerusalem, “The U.K. envoys also expressed concern that construction activity so close to the consulate could lead to an intelligence leak.” I guess they are not worried by Arab neighbours – but being close to Jews might make their limited brains fall out.

3. And at last something sensible. No wonder it didn’t make it to the mainstream media.

Israeli officials took a step on behalf of captive IDF soldier Gilad Shalit, preventing 15 French diplomatic officials accompanied by Jerusalem consular officials from entering Gaza, where they hoped to take part in Bastille Day festivities.

A source stated that Israel cannot permit them to celebrate a day of freedom while Gilad Shalit, who also has French citizenship, remains hostage to Hamas terrorists, now in his fourth year of captivity.

4. Who killed Yasser Arafat? Every good Palestinian can believe his government controlled press. The Israelis are responsible for everything bad in the world, no? Palestinian Media Watch reports that there is new competition for the coveted title of Mr Evil. Seems that PLO leader (and PFLP terrorist) Ahmad Jibril told the secret that everyone has been whispering since Arafat got ill. He claims concrete evidence that jolly Yasser had AIDS, and that’s what killed him. The official PA position is, of course that the “cursed [Jewish] apes and pigs” of Israel poisoned Arafat, with permission of the US together with French medical co-conspirators. Al-Jazeera chimes in with the latest conspiracy theory that Mahmoud Abbas was the perpetrator. Who cares, you ask? The interesting thing is that the PA, which has “no power” to stop the racist anti-Jewish, anti-Israel and pro-terror incitement on its state controlled media, was able to immediately ban Al-Jazeera from the Palestinian Authority airwaves for its incitement against the hard done-by Abu Mazen.
David Frankfurter

The big Truth

Over the years we have seen Israel on the losing end of an ongoing propaganda war that has increasingly besmirched its image in the media and has increasingly affected the realpolitik of the world in which we live and operate.

The pattern is consistent. The Palestinian lobby starts with a lie which is so unbelievable that we belittle it – or even ignore it. The lie is repeated often enough until the world believes it – and even our natural supporters in the Jewish Diaspora begin to adopt it, repeat it and reinforce it. It then becomes a reality we have to deal with. Eventually even the Israeli government toes the line. Frankly we are fools. And if we ever thought “never again!”, why don’t we fight back?

Let’s understand how it works. The “big lie” was most famously defined by Hitler – in fact in a “big lie” hidden within a “big lie” – he accused the Jews of using the tactic:

“…in the big lie there is always a certain force of credibility; because the broad masses of a nation… would never come into their heads to fabricate colossal untruths, and they would not believe that others could have the impudence to distort the truth so infamously. Even though the facts which prove this to be so may be brought clearly to their minds, they will still doubt and waver and will continue to think that there may be some other explanation. For the grossly impudent lie always leaves traces behind it, even after it has been nailed down, a fact which is known to all expert liars in this world and to all who conspire together in the art of lying.” —Adolf Hitler , Mein Kampf, vol. I, ch. X

United States Office of Strategic Services wartime description of Hitler’s Psychological Profile showed how he used the tactic:

His primary rules were: never allow the public to cool off; never admit a fault or wrong; never concede that there may be some good in your enemy; never leave room for alternatives; never accept blame; concentrate on one enemy at a time and blame him for everything that goes wrong; people will believe a big lie sooner than a little one; and if you repeat it frequently enough people will sooner or later believe it.”

And the Palestinians adopted Hitler’s ways. Amongst their own public and in the international arena.

Let’s take, as an example, the “illegal” settlements beyond the 1967 armistice line, in what is “rightful Palestinian territory”, that have become in the world’s mind the only “obstacle to peace”. If Israel would only abandon the settlements, the world would support Israel, peace would miraculously descend from heaven resolving the Israeli-Palestinian dispute , magically diffuse over the entire Middle East, and the Messianic era would usher in world peace. Leaving aside whether one thinks that settlements are a good idea, a bad idea, should be dismantled or not, are a blessing or a curse – the fundamental assumptions are simply balderdash.

The Arab world rejected Israel and launched non-stop wars and terrorist campaigns against Israel’s citizens before a single settlement existed beyond the 1967 armistice lines. At least some “post-1967 Settlements” were re-established on Jewish owned lands, where the surrounding Arab neighbours had massacred the inhabitants during one or another of these violent attempts to purge the region of Jews. There are many eminent international lawyers who would contend that the vast majority of the settlements in Judea and Samaria are perfectly acceptable under international law.

Most telling, however, is the experiment which thoroughly tested and disproved the idea that removing settlements or Jews from “Palestine” will somehow magically lead to peace. In September 2005, all the settlements in the Gaza strip were voluntarily abandoned. The Gaza strip was made completely “Judenrein” or Jew-free. We all know the results.

The world “rewarded” Israel by allowing Prime Minister Ariel Sharon
address a near-empty plenum of the UN, and then promptly placed all blame for Palestinian failures on Israeli shoulders. Instead of an opportunity for state-building, the Palestinians chose a path of self-destruction and terrorist war against Israel. Rocket attacks, suicide bombings, and internal violence and corruption didn’t let up for a moment. And the infant Gaza economy was deliberately destroyed from the inside.

But, we are told, Hamas did all of this, and that the Mahmoud Abbas (Abu Mazen) led Palestinian Authority is “different”, “moderate” and “responsible”. Another big lie.

The very same Abbas led Palestinian Authority was in power in Gaza when Israel left. Hamas didn’t come to power until June 2007 – some twenty months later! And Abbas’ Fatah political party, which also controls the Al Aqsa terrorists, has (in Arabic only, of course) consistently agreed with Hamas. Just last week, a
Fatah activist once again declared on PA Television that they don’t want peace. As Fatah strong man Mahmoud Dahlan explained on PA Television in March, the Palestinians will not recognise Israel; any contrary statements are purely designed to obtain international funds and support. Is it any wonder that Abbas refuses Benjamin Netanyahu’s unconditional invitation to meet to discuss peace?

Don’t misunderstand me. I am in favour of anything that has a reasonable chance of bringing peace to our region. But Israel is being pushed to make huge one-sided high-risk concessions, for which it gets little or nothing in return; all on the basis of a web of lies that have been thoroughly disproved, but repeated often enough, loudly enough and from high enough places that the world either pretends to or really does believe.

And this is just one the most recent example of the way the Palestinians and the world have adopted Adolf Hitler’s “big lie” principle to outflank the Jews.

But how to fight back? The only way I can think of is to tell “the big truth”. Start calling out the truth loudly enough, clearly enough, often enough that it begins to stick. Call every bluff in no uncertain terms. Don’t defend. Fight back. But it takes each and every one of us to do it. Loudly. Publicly. Every time.

What truths can we tell? How should we tell them? Please post your ideas and comments at my website for everyone to read.